"I saw Independence in New York at the industry screening and was amazed! Truly a touching story that shows the fine quality of people in the Midwest. The fact that it's based on a true story adds to the magic of this film. Congrats to all involved."

"There had been a lot of hype around Independence, so I was concerned that I would be disappointed...after all, how could anything live up to what they've been saying? I'm delighted to say that I was not disappointed. Based on the comments I overheard around me in the theatre, no one else was either."

"Independence was my favorite film of the whole festival... It truly spoke to me."

"Every once in a while I see a film that I want to see over and over again. My faves are Pretty Woman (probably 50 times) and Love Actually, close to that. With Independence, I am officially adding to this list. I want to see it again and again to see what I missed the last time I saw it.

Footage courtesy of ABC's Nebraska affiliate, NTV

Hastings Tribune: HC grad tapping state in film (pdf)

Hastings Tribune: Gaining "independence" (pdf)

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